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Minutes for Members meeting April 15, 2001

Ops in attendance: TimF, GeorgeW, Amy, TxChuck, VanAllen
Non ops in attendance: GoldenI, VJ, Jarbar, Duckfyre, Starmark

George opened the meeting with prayer at 10:13 p.m.

Amy moved that we accept the minutes for the March meeting as they are posted on the website.
VanAllen seconded
The minutes were approved.

Speaker Night
GoldenI gave an update for the speakers committee. They are still looking for a speaker. John (jarbar) volunteered to speak on April 25th on the topic “The Perils of Recovery”. GoldenI will pass on the information to Tim so he can prepare an announcement script to be run at each meeting between now and then.

Modification of SLAA Guidelines
George suggested a modification of our guidelines to include a clause that states that whenever there is a complaint against another member, especially asking for some disciplinary action, the member asking for action to be taken must be willing to meet privately with two officers and the person being accused before any disciplinary action is taken. This will allow the accused person to share their side of the story before a decision is made.

Seven members voted in favor of making this change. Three members did not vote.
George will change the guidelines as posted at our web site to include the above change.

This is the time of year that SLAA officer elections take place. We will allow approx. 4 weeks for nominations and volunteers and then two weeks for voting. Amy will talk with Sassy to find out how we went about this last year and very shortly we will start running scripts to announce the procedure at all meetings.

Seventh Tradition
Tim suggested that we include something in our closing scripts saying that contributions to SLAA can be made at the main SLAA website (not the online website but

There was some confusion about exactly what was being proposed and why. In the end it was decided that this would best be looked at by the steering committee and then brought back to the general member’s meeting at a later date.

Modification of aliases / popups used by Ops
Tim requested that all operators modify their aliases or popups for the feedback meetings to reflect “!fb” instead of “!”

Tim had one other modification for ops but since it was past 11:15, George asked him to save this for the next meeting.

VJ moved to close the meeting.
GoldenI seconded.

The meeting was closed at 11:23