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Minutes for Member’s meeting Jan. 15, 2001

Ops in attendance: georgew, Joy, amy, Sassy
Non ops in attendance:

George opened the meeting with prayer at approx. 11:15

Old Business

Amy moved that the minutes from the October meeting be approved.
Sassy seconded.
All present voted yes and the minutes were approved.

Sassy announced that Rick has resigned as Webmaster and that Tim has agreed to take over this position. Sassy remains as co-Webmaster.

George announced that he will ask Maxine to resign as co-chair since she has not been able to attend the meetings. He hopes that we will be able to find a volunteer to serve as temporary co-chair during the next six months. Sassy suggested that if volunteers were difficult to find that perhaps the position could remain empty for the next six months and that we could set up a rotating shift of fill-ins for those nights that George would not be able to run the member’s meetings.

Next were updates on the various committees.

Committee Reports

Speaker Meetings Committee: We have yet to have a speaker for our speaker meetings. George will send a note to Tim to find out how the plans are coming along.

Steering Committee: The Steering Committee has not met. George is still working on putting together the bylaws and reviewing the guidelines, particularly in the area of bans. He wants to get a document in place that sets clear guidelines and that also lets people know how to get back in after the duration of the ban has passed.

The Feedback Meeting Committee: The Committee decided that some popup reminders with some of the guidelines might be handy to have for use during the meetings. Also we discussed that having people request the floor for feedback with a !fb rather than just a ! might clear up some of the confusion that happens from time to time.

New Business

Amy mentioned that it seems like lately we are having a shortage of Ops due to people not showing up for their scheduled shifts. George said he would send around a schedule to see if anyone needs to make a change to their current shifts.

Amy moved to close the meeting and Sassy seconded.

George closed the meeting at 11:52