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Minutes of Business Meeting: August 15, 2000
Attendance: 13

Ops Present: Amy, GeorgeW, RobZ, Sassy and Tim F
Other members present: Amylyn, C, CLStan, Dan, Deanna, DougN, EF and Ella

George opened the meeting with prayer at 11:38 p.m.

Amy moved to approve the minutes of the July meeting.
Tim Seconded.
8 (+), 6 (@), 0 (-)

Minutes were approved.

Old Business:

1. George reported on the Steering committee. The steering committee is currently in the process of reviewing and revising
the SLAA guidelines that were written over a year ago. Any member of SLAA is welcome to review the guidelines that are
posted at our website and make suggestions to the steering committee for how they could be improved. Once the
guidelines have been revised by the steering committee, they will be posted for member comments and then voted on
for acceptance. The steering committee will also begin the process of writing bylaws shortly.
2. Tim gave an update on the speaker meetings. He explained that the speaker meetings will be held once a month and that
in these meetings one person (either someone from SLAA or an expert in the field) will share their story or ESH. He has a
list of contacts and will begin making requests shortly. CLStan, Ella and RobZ all expressed an interest in helping. They
were asked to email Tim so that they could get organized.
3. George announced that scripts are currently being written so that a notice will be played at each meeting that lets people
know that they can request to do a first step at a regular meeting. He also reminded all ops that at last meeting we
agreed to all use the same wording in our scripts.

New Business:

1. Feedback Meetings

Dan opened the topic by asking if there was a way that the time given to feedback during feedback meetings be limited
to allow more people to share. There were several thoughts on how this could be done.

CLStan suggested stretching the feedback meetings to two hours with the first hour being for shares and the second
hour being for feedback for those that wished to stay.

RobZ suggested that perhaps in large meetings, two ops could split the meeting to allow for more sharing.

Deanna supported the idea of limiting the time not only for feedback but also for all shares. She suggested offering a
suggested number of lines (20-30) per share rather than a suggested time because this would give slow typers more of a
chance to share. She stated that she favored sticking with the 90 minute meeting time rather than moving to two hours.
She also favored the idea splitting large meetings.

George gave some background on the feedback meetings, stating that they started out being an hour long with a five
minute limit on feedback but that within a couple of months, the meeting time went to an hour and a half because the
meetings were so popular. Since lengthening meeting times, he has noticed that many people do not last to the end of
the meeting so he feels that lengthening the meeting time further would not be the best solution. He suggested giving a
suggested sharing time of 4 minutes followed by two, two-minute feedbacks.

EF suggested finding a system that would be flexible enough to accommodate different needs based on the number of
people at the meeting and the type of feedback that was needed.

Deanna stated that she thought limiting feedback in minutes would limit slow typers and therefore preferred the idea of
limiting feedback according to lines.

C supported the idea of splitting the large meetings into two rooms when possible.

Dan favored the time suggestions of a four-minute share and two, two-minute feedbacks but thought that it was a good
idea to allow the leader to use their discretion to adjust those times when needed.

Tim suggested that perhaps shortening our opening scripts on Tuesdays and Fridays could save some time.

Amy stated that she thought that the most effective way to get the members to follow a suggested limit for sharing or
feedback would be to announce it directly at the meeting rather than just putting the guideline in the scripts.

Ella stated that she did not like the idea of splitting the meetings because she would have too hard of a time deciding
which meeting to attend.

George suggested that instead of trying to reach some type of permanent conclusion tonight, we shorten scripts and
suggest 6-minute shares and two 3-minute feedbacks and then spend the next month observing and keeping track of
numbers. Then on Sept. 15, we can look at this issue again. Noon feedback meetings will continue to run as they have
been since the smaller size of these meetings generally makes time limits unnecessary.

2. Ops at noon meetings

Deanna will be stepping down as an op at the Monday noon meeting due to going back to school. Three members have
volunteered to be trained as ops so Michelle will not have to be the only op for noon meetings.

Tim moved to adjourn the meeting at 12:51 a.m.

Amy Seconded

Six (+), Zero (@), Zero (-)

George adjourned the meeting with the Serenity Prayer at 12:52 a.m.