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Minutes of Business Meeting on Thu. June 15, 2000
The following was the net result of motions passed during the meeting:

Minutes from 5/15/00 Business Meeting Approved.
First step shares be allowed by members on step nights (Mon or Wed) during regular meeting hours once shared with their sponsor and requested approximately 7 days in advance.

Meeting was opened by George at 11:13 pm EDT with prayer

Attendance: 6

4 Operators: AmyK georgew Michelle TimF

2 Non-Ops: John621 nori

Michelle moved to accept 5/15/00 minutes as posted.
Amy seconded.
Four (+) Zero (-) Two (x) 4 of 6 needed. Motion passed.

George stated that there was no Old Business pending, but that there were several items of new business as a result of the Steering Committee Meeting on 6/11/00.

The first item of new business was the issue of having a Step One meeting for anyone asking for one on a step meeting night with about one weeks notice. It was the steering committee's recommendation that a sponsor review such a step and that with such a review the sponsee try to keep step to under an hour. The floor was then opened for discussion. John621 asked if these were to be held during a regular evening meeting or if there would be a special meeting before or after that. He also asked if it was possible to make a script instead of typing it out. George pointed out to the group that it was John who was requesting to present his First Step, and answered that it is possible to have a script for it, and suggested that John contact Jenel for help with it. Tim said that a drawback to having a script might be that it might go too fast for some. Michelle, Amy, Tim and George agreed that it would be good to have it during regular meeting time, especially since more people might be attend, and since many members attend a meeting right before our evening meeting. Amy had a concern that maybe an hour was too long, since no one else would be able to share, and that it might be hard to keep some people’s attention. George said that we could run these meetings until 11:30 like Feedback Meetings for those who would like to share after the First Step presentation.

Tim moved that first step shares be allowed by members on step nights (Mon or Wed) during regular meeting hours once shared with their sponsor and requested approximately 7 days in advance.
Amy seconded.
Five (+) Zero (-) One (x) 4 of 6 needed. Motion passed.

George then stated that the next two items are simply reports from the steering committee.
Item #1 is an agreement to review and revise the guidelines into two parts: a) a document to be sent to those requesting help finding us with IRC help, etc, and b) a behavioral guideline as we have it posted in our #SLAA site.
Item #2 is an agreement that Tim will work with Rick and Jenel to have an automatic means of sending the first document mentioned above to those requesting it, but with the name of a follow up person if there are any problems.

George asked if there was any new business. Michelle raised the concern that there is a problem with having consistent ops at the noon meetings again, and suggested that there be at least two scheduled for each noon meeting. George agreed that there should be at least two at meetings, and suggested running the “Leaders” script that Maxine prepared at every meeting. Michelle stated that she had talked to people in private about this service, and that Eric would be interested in serving at the noon meetings once he had fulfilled the three month requirement for having been in recovery.
Also, some ops at the meeting stated that they hadn’t received this “Leaders” script from Maxine. George asked Michelle to furnish him with a list of all the ops so he could make sure it had been sent to all ops.

Other new business – Tim reminded George that all the new officers need to have the proper ops levels. George stated that he had already talked to Maxine about it and that she would make the changes as soon as she could.

George adjourned the meeting due to no other business.

Meeting was closed at 12:14am EDT with the Serenity Prayer.