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Minutes of Business Meeting on Mon. May 15, 2000
The following was the net result of motions passed during the meeting:

The position of Co-Web Master was established.
The Steering committee will set up the specifics for the position of Co-Web Master, (recovery time, level, etc.) and allow the duties of position to be as "assisting the webmaster".

Meeting was opened by Maxine at 11:18 pm EDT with the serenity prayer

Attendance: 8

6 Operators: amy georgew Maxine Memlock Mickey Sassy

2 Non-Ops: brenda Deanna

Memlock moved to accept minutes as read.
georgew seconded.
Six (+) Zero (-) One (x) Motion passed.

The meeting began with one item of old business; the elections. Maxine reminded everyone to please finish all nominating before the close of the meeting, because voting will take place starting this evening through the end of May, and new servants will assume duties on June 1st. Georgew and Memlock then nominated Mickey for the position of secretary and Mickey accepted.

Maxine introduced the first item of new business; the position of Co-Web Master. She stated that, "It has been suggested that the position of Webmaster, has more responsibilities than is possible for one person, therefore, a CO-webmaster position has been suggested for assistance. The floor was then open for discussion. Georgew asked for clarification as to why this position was needed, saying, "As I recall this is one of the largest committee's, so resources should not be a problem." "So I am inferring that the webmaster's role itself is more than one person can handle, and would like to hear why." Sassy began to answer Georgew's question, "Well as you know TimF is the current web master, and it's been my observation on the web committee that there are alot of projects stacking up due to so much volume and needed man power." She went on to say, "I think having a co-web master will divide the load and help things run smoother, because it is alot of work for one person. There is practically no one on the web committee anymore to help either, ....very small participation there." Maxine added, that she thought making another service position was a great idea, because service is sobering and the more people who serve, the better our organization.

Sassy moved that we create the position for co-webmaster to begin this year.
Amy seconded.
Six (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 6 of 8 needed. Motion passed.

Nominations for the new position were opened, and Memlock and Georgew nominated Sassy for the position of co-web master. Sassy accepted.

Maxine moved that we allow the Steering committee to set up the specifics for the position of Co-web master, (recovery time, level, etc.) and allow the duties of position to be as "assisting the webmaster".
Sassy seconded.
Six (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 6 of 8 needed. Motion passed.

Other items discussed were the functioning of the email site. Maxine reported that it is operating correctly now. Also, the voting procedures for the elections were reiterated by Georgew. All votes are to be sent to with the voters name attached. Nightly announcements are to be given in the #slaa meetings.

Maxine adjourned the final members meeting of the 1999-2000 term.

Meeting was closed at 12:04am EDT with the Serenity Prayer.