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Minutes of Business Meeting on Sat. April 15, 2000
The following was the net result of motions passed during the meeting:

First step meetings will be held immediately after a regular meeting, being scheduled within 5 to 10 days from request and sponsor approved, along with a notice to be made to this effect, and to be announced every night during the regular meetings.
New leaders script approved.
Preparations for the Upcoming Officers Election.

Meeting was opened by Maxine at 11:15 pm EDT

Attendance: 9

6 Operators: amy georgew Maxine Sassy Memlock Mickey

3 Non-Ops: amy5 Kellen Mike

Georgew moved to accept minutes as revised.
Sassy seconded.
Four (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) Motion passed.

Maxine asked for reports from the Steering and Web committees. Sassy gave the following Steering committee report - 1.) First Step Meetings - The committee recommended that a first step meeting will be held approximately a week after a request...with notices in regular meetings every night from that point. The first step meeting will begin immediately after the regular meeting. The steps work can be submitted to the web committee and will be posted on-line for a one month period. Any requests to post online with step one work without a sharing meeting will also be accepted with a one month posting. 2.) Preparations for the upcoming elections - All nominations will be sent to the Secretary (Sassy/Jenel) starting on April 15th-May 15th. Elections will be May 15th-31st, with term starting in June. Nominations and voting will be posted on the web site, along with credentials of the nominees. Credentials will also be given at either the beginning or end of meetings to familiarize voters. All current officers will receive a copy of the voting for verification. 3.) Leaders script for op volunteers - After further research by George, the script last voted on in the March 15th business meeting was determined to have been officially voted on and stands. No need for re-vote. Due to a hard drive crash, Maxine's script was lost, but she is currently working on it and will send it when its done.
There was no report available from the Web Committee.

The floor was then opened for discussion on the Steering Committee's recommendation for the First Step meetings. Memlock began with a question, "George mentioned that first sharing would be based on a there a format for requests for first step sharing?" George then agreed that we need to let members know of this. And suggested a note be added to the slaa opening that a first step can be done after a meeting, and to please let us know your sponsor approves. Mike asked, "Has the committee decided on when the step meetings could occur?"
Maxine responded that we aren't limiting it to any particular night, and if a particular time is needed that it can be accommodated. Memlock also reminded Mike about the suggested 1 week time frame after a request for a first step share is made. Mickey commented that she though the first step meetings were a terrific idea.

Georgew moved that we allow members to have a step meeting immediately after a regular meeting and should be scheduled within 5 to 10 days from request to be allowed the step work needed to be approved by members sponsor, and a notice will be made to this effect. Additionally for the time period from the request to the meeting, a notice of the step meeting will be announced every night during the regular meetings
Amy seconded.
Seven (+) Zero (-) One (x) 7 of 9 needed. Motion passed.

Next Maxine stated that the opening "welcome" statement from Cstar has been changed to note the noon meetings as well as the Aussie meetings. She asked Mike (from Australia) to verify the Aussie meeting time for us.
Which he gladly did.

Next order of business was the leaders script. Maxine played the script revision that she has been working on. Everyone thought it looked good. George started the discussion, "I thought we especially needed leaders during noon meetings and that should be emphasized, as a matter of fact that is critical compared to evening meetings." Maxine replied that, "This will be the same script played during evening, noon, or kiwi meetings. We really need leaders for all meetings."

Memlock moved that we accept the script as it is.
Sassy seconded.
Seven (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 7 of 9 needed. Motion passed.

The upcoming officers elections was tackled next. Maxine said that the steering committee recommended that nominations occur NOW through May 15th, and that the elections can occur by e-mail vote for the following 2 weeks, and terms would start June 1st. George opened discussion by saying that this needs to be announced daily in the meetings probably with a script.

Memlock moved that we proceed with the elections as suggested by the steering committee...and that a script be created as George has suggested.
Georgew seconded.
Seven (+) Zero (-) One (x) 7 of 9 needed. Motion passed.

Maxine asked if there was any new business. Mickey had a question about the slaa@mailroom email, if it was working yet. Maxine commented that TimF was the one who set that up and that he needed to be contacted about it. George also added that he was concerned about a possible communications problem with the email. He also said that this could be leaving many people with no way to contact us for info. George offered to email TimF for his help with this situation.

Other new business - Maxine announced that she had updated the format script and would be sending it out to all leaders, along with the other scripts she will send, which will also include the Promises.

Maxine adjourned the meeting due to no other business.

Meeting was closed at 12:07am EDT with the Serenity Prayer.