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Minutes of Business Meeting on Tue. February 15, 2000
The following was the net result of motions passed during the meeting:

Aussie meetings to be started with a full report to determine if they will be added to the schedule
Preparation of a written schedule for the Noon SLAA meetings consisting of leader, door and backup persons

Meeting was opened by Maxine at 11:26pm EDT with the Serenity Prayer

Attendance: 11

5 Operators: georgew kazu Maxine Memlock Sassy

6 Non-Ops: Efreem3407 katyj Kaz Mickey Steve Ree

Maxine moved to accept the minutes of 01/15/00 as read.
Kazu seconded.
Seven (+) Zero (-) One (x) 7 of 11 needed. Motion passed.

The meeting began with reports from the Steering and Web Committees. Sassy presented the summary for the Web Committee first. With the following topics covered: 1. Adding 30 links to the web page - all those in attendance agreed to help in sorting through the available links, categorizing them, and adding descriptions for each link. 2. Auto-response email system - a response was discussed that would be put into the webpage and have an auto response to direct people to that page. But only after the existing responses for mIRC and Mac users are rewritten and tested. The Steering Committee report was also given by Sassy and included the following: 1. Meetings for Aussie folks - Since Steve hasn't been back to report, it was tabled until some interest is shown. 2. Noon SLAA meetings - the need for more Ops An Ops letter will be sent out and possibly an Ops meeting called. Updating of scripts to be played in regular meetings asking for volunteers. Confirming standard scripts among all Ops as well. 3. Newcomers Meeting - After much discussion this idea was discarded. 4. A new member added to the Steering Committee was Amy. Possible new member Memlock (David) was suggested. 5. Meeting time established for the Steering Committee - The Saturday before Members Business meetings. Time of the steering committee meeting would be 'after' regular Saturday night meeting. 6. Adding of the Promises to closing scripts and First step meetings - Will be brought up at next steering committee meeting. 7. Minutes of Steering Committee meetings - A copy of the minutes will be sent to all officers and members of the committee.

Maxine began discussion about the Aussie meetings by saying that, "Steve's computer was stolen, but he's back on-line now and has expressed an interest in starting a meeting at 9 pm Friday evenings Aussie time, which would be 5 am est." She added that, " I am available to help with that meeting, so I can be the op there until we determine if there is enough interest to add the meeting to the schedule and announcements. This will be ONLY once weekly at this time." Kazu questioned why the review was necessary and Maxine reminded him that it was to determine if this meeting would have enough interest shown as to add it to the schedule and announcements.

Georgew moved that the Aussie meeting be started with Maxine in attendance, and Steve as operator and trained to do door duty. And as well a review of the meeting be made in one month.
Memlock seconded.
Seven (+) One (-) Zero (x) 7 of 11 needed. Motion passed.

The next order of business was the Noon SLAA meetings. Maxine noted that we have a shortage of Ops at these meetings and that Ops are necessary to the safety of the room. Maxine also went on to say, that the Steering committee suggested running a script that would advertise our need for qualified individuals to serve as ops. She played an outdate script to illustrate her point and asked for volunteers to update the script. It would be played by the meeting leader at the beginning, before a meeting starts and/or at the end of a meeting. The floor was open for discussion. Katy brought up a concern about banning in the room and that Op requirements at noon meetings should be secure. George agreed with Katy and mentioned that if no Ops were at a noon meeting, that the attendees could have an impromptu meeting. Mickey commented that, "there obviously is a need for ops who can be consistent, often occasion has it that there is no op, so we do just hold meetings [without an op]." Georgew pointed out that this is strictly an administrative function to ask for ops and that Maxine could decide. No vote was needed. Georgew agreed to rewrite the scripts to ask for volunteers. Maxine added that the script needs to state requirements for ops, which is 3 months in recovery.

Maxine proceeded on to the next area for the noon meetings, to establish a written meeting / leading schedule. Maxine said that she would contact all noon ops and set up a schedule of when is convenient. Katy agreed that it was a good idea to have a formal schedule of the meetings. Kazu asked that noon meeting members be given a chance to organize the noon meeting amongst themselves. There was an informal agreement (pursued by Memlock, Kazu, and George) that noon meeting attendees prepare a report describing the status of noon meetings and the plans of the noon ops/attendees for the meeting.

Georgew moved to have Maxine prepare a full schedule with the cooperation of the ops for the noon time meetings for both lead, door and backup and publish it.
Memlock seconded.
Seven (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 7 of 11 needed. Motion passed.

Maxine adjourned the meeting and table the remaining business until the next time.

Meeting was closed at 12:34am EDT with the Serenity Prayer.