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Minutes of Business Meeting on Sat. January 15, 2000
The following was the net result of motions passed during the meeting:

To announce during meetings the need and requirements for dedicated meeting leaders and door watchers.
The development of a newcomers meeting be refined further by the Steering Committee.
To add three new links to our web site.

Meeting was opened by Maxine at 11:12pm EDT with the Serenity Prayer
Attendance: 10

7 Operators: amy georgew Maxine Sassy smiles29 somehope Timf
3 Non-Ops: Gary Marn Thos_F

Sassy moved to accept the minutes of 11/15/99 as read.
georgew seconded.
Nine (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 8 of 10 needed. Motion passed.

Maxine opened the meeting by asking for reports from the Steering and Web Committees. Sassy gave a summary from the Steering Committee, covering the following topics: 1. Meetings for Australian members - It was suggested that Aussie member Steve, gather more info about times etc. and report back to the next steering committee meeting. 2. Noon slaa meetings - The availability of ops to lead was discussed, as well as the protocol for noon meetings. 3. Suggested Newcomers meeting - A format and day for the meeting were talked about. Nothing has been finalized at this time by the Steering committee. The Web Committee did not have a report available due to scheduling differences.

Old business started with the Noon slaa meetings. Maxine stated that, "we currently have one committed op at each meeting, and often that is the ONLY op at the noon meeting. It is suggested we have at least two committed ops for each meeting to ensure a smooth meeting, one to lead and one to watch the door for newcomers." Georgew began discussion on the subject by saying that he thought the number of participants is most critical, that most noon meetings have very few participants. And he felt that one op could handle the small attendance. TimF noted that the ops don't have to be from our current op pool, they can be new ops from the noon meetings. Georgew agreed with TimF on this. TimF also suggested that we should actively seek out members who do meet the requirements, like we used to for #slaa.

Maxine moved to announce during meetings the need and requirements for dedicated meeting leaders and door watchers.
Sassy seconded.
Six (+) Zero (-) One (x) 6 of 10 needed. Motion passed.

The next item was the newcomers meeting. TimF suggested that we change Wednesday's step meetings to consistently be a newcomer meeting. He said that, "we have seemed to get that kind of sharing there in the past two months already." After much discussion from Georgew and TimF, Amy made a few comments, "giving newcomers time to "learn to share" is really important, because if they jump in and share before really knowing what types of shares are appropriate and what types are not, they may end up feeling more uncomfortable if they need to be corrected." Sassy suggested considering a newcomers meeting to be like a question and answer forum. There was quite a bit of discussion on this topic when Sassy mentioned that there are so many variables that maybe it should be tabled for now. Georgew withdrew his motion and made a new one, that the discussion be sent back to the steering committee for further refinement. Everyone wearily agreed.

Georgew moved that the discussion of a newcomers meeting be sent back to steering committee for further refinement.
TimF seconded.
Six (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 6 of 10 needed. Motion passed.

Last item on agenda was adding links to web site. Sassy stated, "We wanted to add the following links on the home page:, and ." Georgew opened discussion by asking why these links were needed. Web master TimF answered his question by saying, "These three are rich with other information and/or links. Eventually, I'd like it to list dozens and dozens of great links." Georgew's next question was, "do you need permission of target site to establish a link and if so do we have it? TimF replied, "I could look into that as good measure. We have it both ways with the middle link. They list us and have given permission for us to list them. That is actually what is prompting all of this."

Sassy moved to add the 3 links to our web site.
TimF seconded.
Five (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 5 of 9 needed. Motion passed.

Closing statements were presented by Sassy and Georgew. Sassy said that there are alot of things the steering committee is not looking into or approving, like nailing down a regular meeting for the steering committee. Maxine commented that we had six people on the steering committee, and all six wanted different times for meeting, so no single time was good for majority, that's why no meeting time has been nailed down. Georgew noted that the web committee meetings should be scheduled for before members meetings, not after them.

Maxine adjourned the meeting due to need of sleep.

Meeting was closed at 12:32am EDT with the Serenity Prayer.