Business Meeting Agenda 09/02/14

Serenity Prayer

Review and approve September 2, 2014 agenda
· Review and approve Treasurer's report
· Review and approve August Minutes
Liaison Report - Link - Tamara


Old Business:
No old business

New OPs:  None

New Business: 

Motion 1. That all links and information on the website must be verified and updated before the new design can be implemented.  ~ Presented by Susan/Lotus

Motion 2. Suggested addition to our Gentle Reminder Scripts to say the following " If anyone pm's you inappropriately please report it to a operator (op) in the room or log the pm and email it to". Thanks for keeping our room safe!! ~ Presented by NancyD

Motion 3. That her poem " You are not my partner" be included among "Creative Submissions" on the website. ~ Presented by BethS

Open Forum:

10 minutes

Serenity Prayer