Agenda for SLAA Online Business Meeting - July 5th 2022 at 9 pm US Eastern Time in #slaa2


Serenity prayer




Approve July agenda

Approve April minutes 

Approve June minutes 

Approve Treasurer's report April-June

Read and review Liaison report


Op Application




Old Business


Motion from troy re use of VPNs and similar:

Motion: Replace current GC approved policy: Disallow any connections to #slaa or #slaa2 through proxy/VPN/tor servers, without requiring discussion with user. In general, all connection methods that hide the userís true location shall be treated in the same way as proxy/VPN/tor servers. (12/3/19)

with the following:

Disallow connections to #slaa or #slaa2 through proxy/VPN/tor servers. In general, all connection methods that hide the userís true location shall be treated in the same way as proxy/VPN/tor servers.

Exception: Members who have registered their chosen nickname, and are currently logged on with this nickname and identified with password, may connect through a VPN or similar.


It was recognized when the existing policy was approved that this restriction might cause inconvenience for some genuine users, but that the restriction was on balance needed for group safety. Since this motion was approved, there have however been significant developments in the general situation regarding VPNs, including:

1. Some respectable ISPs now often handle IPs in ways that flag as VPN - but this is beyond the userís personal control and cannot be turned off.

2. Apple promotes its new (beta) iCloud Private Relay anonymizing service in latest versions of macOS, iPhoneOS and iPadOS, which acts like and flags as VPN.

A revised GC motion is therefore proposed reinstating an allowed exception to the VPN restriction for users with logged in and identified registered nicknames.


New Business


Motion from troy to approve SLAA Online Officers for mandate period July 2022 through June 2023

Chairperson - troy

Co-Chairperson - vacant

Secretary - vacant

Liaison Officer - jamie

Webmaster - troy

Co-Webmaster - vacant

Treasurer - vacant

Acting Treasurer - Lotus (whilst ordinary Treasurer post is vacant)

Note: As no Officer posts are contested, no full election process is necessary - just Group Conscience approval.


15 min Discussion of ABC/M Material


Super Service Star

Framework for living

Outreach Pamphlet

12 Steps in Plain language

Anorexia 8-9 Booklet (new motion)

Core Documents adoption of What is Anorexia in S.L.A.A. and 50 Questions Are You an Anorectic? (new motion)

Items for Discussion: 

1. Sex and love addiction on the Internet

2. Making the Most of Meetings

3. 50th Anniversary (rewrite of Basic Text, 1st three chapters)

Links to the texts given during the meeting or in advance by request to the Office at


10 min Open Forum


Serenity prayer