Agenda for SLAA Online Business Meeting - January 4th 2022 at 9 pm US Eastern Time in #slaa2


Serenity prayer



January is SLAA Online’s 26th birthday month. As usual, members with sobriety length are invited to give a speaker share at a scheduled meeting time of choice during January 2022.


Approve January agenda

Approve November minutes 

(December GC BM was cancelled)

Approve Treasurer's report

Read and review Liaison report


Op Applications



Old Business



New Business


Motion from NancyD re sobriety requirements for Speaker Shares

Motion: Sobriety requirement for SLAA Online members giving Speaker Shares is 3 months continuous sobriety with working knowledge of 12 Steps & 12 Traditions.

Motivation: A reasonable sobriety requirement for SLAA Online speakers (identical to our requirement for OPs) will help ensure that speakers have some experience, strength & hope to share about our program.


Motion from NancyD re Officers:

Motion: "No member of the officer group of SLAA Online should be in a current or ongoing sponsor & sponsee relationship with another member of the officer group."

Motivation: To avoid the impression of nepotism, which is defined as 'the favoring of relatives or personal friends because of their relationship'. Much like placing personalities before principles, a sponsor & sponsee relationship within the same officer group could demonstrate a propensity for favoritism.


10 min Open Forum


Serenity prayer