Agenda for SLAA Online Business Meeting - November 5th, 2019 at 12 noon US Eastern Time in #slaa2


Serenity prayer



November is SLAA Gratitude Month

Giving Back What Has So Generously Been Given

Every November, members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous are invited to acknowledge their gratitude to the Fellowship that has sustained their lives as recovering addicts. As a way of giving thanks, individuals, groups, and Intergroups are encouraged to contribute directly to Fellowship-Wide Services (F.W.S.).

This is in keeping with Tradition Seven, which states that “Every S.L.A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”

NOTE! All member contributions made to SLAA Online marked "Gratitude Month" will be forwarded in full to SLAA FWS.

See "Our 7th Tradition" webpage for details how to make donations.

Link to info re Gratitude Month from SLAA FWS:



Approve November agenda - link on website homepage

Approve October minutes

Approve Treasurer's report

Read and review Liaison report


Op Applications



Old Business


Presentation of SLAA Online Delegate report from SLAA ABM 2019 - Lotus

For info: Summary 2019 ABM Agenda Motions-IFDs Third Version 9July2019 .pdf

*** Summary_2019_ABM Agenda_Motions-IFDs_Third_Version_9July2019+delegate_comments.pdf ***


New Business


Group discussion without vote re possibility of placing a room bot in #slaa:


Op checking of user IPs currently involves the following manual steps:

- /whois for current connexion (IRC command)

- /whowas for recent connexions (IRC command)

- Conversion if necessary of servername or hex username to dotted IP number address (IPConverter)

- IP lookup to check if proxy/VPN/tor (IPQualityScore)

The above is a multi-step process needing some Op multitasking between mIRC and web browser windows.

To assist Ops in this task of checking user IPs, an #slaa room bot has been suggested.

Op responses have been requested by email regarding the suggestion of an #slaa room bot that when called manually by an Op for a specific user with a single simple command, executes all the above processes and gives a single summary report to the Op. Such a bot would not take any actions by itself towards users - it would only present information to the Op calling it. The bot name would be visible to all present in the #slaa room. A few Op responses have been received, generally positive. It was suggested that if Op responses were positive, the matter go forward to a general discussion without vote at this Nov GC BM, and then if appropriate to a motion at the Dec GC BM for vote.


10 min Open Forum


Serenity prayer