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Motion from Sean re Ops and Guidelines

OP's must follow the guidelines as listed on the

- specifically under the section "If inappropriate behavior occurs" as listed below.

If these specific guidelines are not followed when dealing with inappropriate behavior and brought to the attention of the officers, then a warning should be issued to the OP, and OP should provide proof of following the guidelines. If they cannot prove they followed the warning, then a warning is made to the OP that they must follow the guidelines. If it happens again with the same OP within 90 days, then OP will be removed from service for 7 days. Continued disregard of the guidelines by the offending OP will result in further disciplinary actions.

The guidelines as listed on the website:

A) An offender breaching the behavior guidelines will be approached by an op or officer and issued a warning in pm, stating the guideline breached (logging is allowed in this situation)

B) If the offender continues to disrupt the room, they will be de-voiced for a period of time up to 10 minutes serious room disruptions may require immediate de-voicing earlier before warning)

C) If the behavior continues, the offender will be kicked from the room with the reason briefly given in the kick message

D) If the offender continues to breach the behavior guidelines after all the above actions have been taken, they will be informed in pm of the guideline(s) breached and that a ban will be imposed. The length of the ban will be stated, and any request for lifting the ban should be addressed to the SLAA Online office at

E) Ops, alone, may give bans up to one day. Officers, alone, may give bans up to one week. Permanent bans must be sanctioned by the SLAAOnline office. The SLAAOnline office must be informed by email from the banning Op/Officer of details of given ban, including nick, banned nick/mask, ban time, IP number, guideline(s) breached, and log of relevant room/pm conversations.

F) If a person is found to be evading a ban, then and only then should channels become involved, as noted below.


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