Agenda for SLAA Online Business Meeting - May 1st, 2018 at 12 noon US Eastern Time in #slaa2


Serenity prayer


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Approve Treasurer's report

Read and review Liaison report


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Motion from Irishbelle, Bonnie, Joe & Jilll re Sponsorship Topic Meettings


Motion: To change the scheduled Topic for Sunday 4:30 pm regular meetings in #slaa to:

Sponsorship Topic Meeting

These meetings, moderated by an Op, will consist of a format which will include Sponsorship-related topics for open discussion shares.




Sponsorship is an all important aspect to an individual's recovery. Therefore, an important need has been voiced by the SLAA online membership to create a forum that openly educates and discusses sponsorship questions and concerns. On behalf of this membership planning committee, we would like to present this formal proposal for this new group to be introduced into our regular meeting forum.

The goal is to introduce a format that consists of topics as they relate to sponsorship, education and supportive needs of individuals. This group, facilitated by an OP, will consist of a format which will include topics for open discussion.

Examples of topics: What is a sponsor? What is the difference between an online sponsor and a face to face sponsor? What are boundary issues in sponsoring? What is a recovery partner? How does having a sponsor and recovery partners help me in my recovery?

The group will be facilitated by Libra. The proposal is that this group will meet every Sunday at 4:30 pm. Starting Sunday May 6, 2018.


Motion from troy and NancyD re increased Step Topic Meetings



Change the Topic for Thursday 10 pm ET scheduled meetings from Open Sharing Meeting to Step Topic Meeting



To increase group focus on the SLAA 12-Step recovery program


10 min Open Forum 


Serenity prayer