Agenda for SLAA Online Business Meeting - March 2nd, 2021 at 9 pm US Eastern Time in #slaa2


Serenity prayer




Approve March agenda - link on website homepage

Approve February minutes

Approve Treasurer's report

Read and review Liaison report


Op Applications



Old Business



New Business


Motion to Approve SLAA Online Group Delegate to the SLAA ABC/M 2021

SLAA Online has approved sending a yearly delegate (funds permitting) to the SLAA Annual Business Conference/Meeting.

This year the SLAA ABC/M is an online virtual conference on August 3rd-6th 2021.

Current funds appear to be permitting.

Unopposed candidate: jamie

Approval procedure:

For candidate: Submitted written motivation followed by max three minute share.

No floor discussion of candidate.

After presentation, candidate asked to leave the #slaa2 room (but not the server) during the vote, by typing /part

Remaining present members vote to approve/disapprove/abstain.

After the vote, candidate invited by leading Op via PM to return to #slaa2 room.


10 min Open Forum


Serenity prayer