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This website is geared to provide detailed information about the #SLAA Online Group (founded January 30, 1996). 

There are many third-party resources available.  The sheer volume precludes listing them all, but below is a list of some of the most active, powerful, or interesting “forums” with a brief description.  But as always, be careful not to merely “add another resource” to your list.  One or two solid resources are much more efficient and beneficial than twenty that you merely “go through the motions” with.  Check out these groups, boards, and emaillists as you deem appropriate. (a username and password is required, but is very easy to obtain by following the instruction.)  Three web-based “meetings” — Topic Meeting (changes twice monthly and is archived since inception of 7/96); Feedback Meeting and Recovery Byte Café. Staying Cyber - AA meetings for the WWW has a weekly newsletter with no member sharing.  It does include exercises and valuable information.